How to Transfer Your 8 Ball Pool Account to Another Device or Account

ow to Transfer Your 8 Ball Pool Account

Want to move your 8 Ball Pool account to a new phone or tablet? Maybe you want to switch between two accounts or gift your account to a friend. Transferring your 8 Ball Pool progress allows you to seamlessly move all your unlocked items, coins, cues, and more to a new device or account.

This straightforward guide will walk you through how to transfer your 8 Ball Pool account to another device or account. We’ll cover when you may need to transfer accounts, provide a step-by-step tutorial on the process, and share tips to ensure a smooth transition.

Much like how travel apps ensure seamless trip planning, transferring your 8 Ball Pool account ensures seamless game progress.

Whether you just got a new phone or want to combine accounts, this article will equip you with the knowledge to transfer your 8 Ball Pool profile and keep playing without losing any hard-earned progress. Let’s get started.

Why Transfer an 8-Ball Pool Account?

As you spend time playing 8 Ball Pool, you build up your profile by collecting cues, coins, achievements, and more. Your account essentially contains your entire progress in the game. However, there may be instances when transferring this 8 Ball Pool profile to a new device or account becomes necessary.

Transferring game accounts is just one example of how the role of technology in modern sports has evolved over the years.

Here are some common reasons you may need to transfer your 8 Ball Pool account:

Getting a New Device

Upgrading your phone or tablet shouldn’t mean losing all your 8 Ball Pool progress. When you get a new mobile device, transferring your account enables you to maintain all unlocked items, stats, and coins.

Switching Between Accounts

Some players have multiple 8 Ball Pool accounts. You can transfer data from your other profiles if you want to consolidate progress onto one primary account.

Gifting an Account

Whether for a friend or sale, transferring your account allows someone else to enjoy all the cues, coins, and achievements you’ve earned. This lets others skip the grind!

As you can see, transferring accounts allows continuous progress even when switching devices or profiles. The process is quite straightforward as we’ll explain next. Just as you might need to know how to untimeout someone on Discord, understanding how to transfer game accounts is crucial for gamers.

Steps: How to Transfer Your 8 Ball Pool Account

Using the right tools, whether it’s for social media management or game account transfers, can make a world of difference in user experience. Transferring your 8 Ball Pool progress to a new device or account is easy with just a few steps. Follow this simple process:

Install and Open 8 Ball Pool on the Original Device

First, install and open 8 Ball Pool on the device that currently has the account you wish to transfer. Make sure you can log in to your existing account successfully.

Head to the Settings menu, typically represented by a gear icon. Look for options to “Link Account” and choose to link your 8 Ball Pool progress to either your Facebook account or Miniclip profile. Follow the prompts to complete the linkage.

Save Login Details

Carefully note down and save the login details for the Facebook or Miniclip account you just linked. You’ll need this to retrieve your data later.

Download 8 Ball Pool on New Device/Account

Now, you want to transfer progress to, download, and install 8 Ball Pools on the new phone, tablet, or account. Open the game.

Just like before, go to Settings and choose to link to either Facebook or Miniclip. Make sure you select the same platform you originally used to link.

Login and Restore Progress

Use the Facebook/Miniclip login details you saved earlier to log in. The game will recognize your existing account data and prompt you to restore progress. Confirm and you’re all set!

With just those few simple steps, you can seamlessly transfer your 8 Ball Pool achievements, stats, and collectibles between devices and accounts. Just be sure to complete the link and backup process fully on both ends.

Considerations and Tips

Transferring your 8 Ball Pool progress? Here are some handy tips and warnings to ensure the process goes smoothly:

Keep Login Details Safe

Be sure to save the login details for your Facebook/Miniclip account to link your progress. You’ll need to access the same account when transferring to a new device.

Mind Existing Progress

If the account you are transferring to already has 8 Ball Pool data, linking to it may erase and replace that progress entirely. Proceed with caution.

Use a Consistent Platform

Try to use the same third-party platform (Facebook or Miniclip) when linking on both the old and new device/account. This makes data transfer easier.

Transfer Only When Needed

Don’t overuse account transfers. Stick to only when essential like when you get a new phone or want to combine accounts.

Seek Assistance if Needed

If you encounter any issues transferring your 8 Ball Pool profile, don’t hesitate to reach out to their customer support team for assistance.

By keeping these tips and precautions in mind, you can securely transfer your 8 Ball Pool account without risking losing any hard-earned progress or valuables along the way.


With its competitive gameplay and cue customization, 8 Ball Pool offers endless hours of entertainment. As you advance in leagues, collect coins, and unlock rare cues, preserving your account progress becomes crucial. Being able to seamlessly transfer your profile allows uninterrupted play when you switch devices or accounts.

In this guide, we covered common reasons you may need to transfer your 8 Ball Pool account, like getting a new phone or consolidating multiple accounts. Detailed steps were provided on how to link your account data to platforms like Facebook or Miniclip for easy transfer. Tips were also shared to ensure your progress and valuables transfer safely.

While the process may seem daunting, it is straightforward once you know the steps. With this knowledge, you can confidently transfer your 8 Ball Pool profile containing all achievements, league positions, coins, and cues. Avoid losing your hard work when changing phones or accounts.

So, the next time you upgrade devices or want to gift your account, revisit this guide. Follow the instructions closely, use the right precautions, and transferring your 8 Ball Pool data will be quick and hassle-free!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does All My 8 Ball Pool Data Transfer Over?

Yes, linking your account to Facebook or Miniclip and restoring it on a new device will transfer your full profile including coins, cues, league progress, statistics, and more.

Can I Transfer My Account Multiple Times?

There is no limit, so you can transfer your 8 Ball Pool account as many times as needed. Just be sure to always fully link and back up your data each time.

What Happens If I Lose Access to The Facebook/Miniclip Account?

If you can no longer access the external account you used for the transfer, you will be unable to retrieve your 8 Ball Pool progress. Always keep those login details safe.

Is the Transfer Process the Same On iOS and Android Devices?

Yes, the process of linking your account to Facebook/Miniclip and restoring data is identical across iOS and Android. The steps in this guide work for both.

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